Create new site when we forget mariadb root password

some one can guide us step by step how we can create new site when we forgot mariadb root password .

Instead try this first? Search results for 'reset mysql root password' - Frappe Forum

hi @clarkej
thanks for your help , if i reset root password of mysql , do i need to enter new root password in any config file of erpnext ?

no, the root password is not stored anywhere that I am aware (except in encrypted form?)

the db_password in site_config.json is all that is required to access the db_name database instance

frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name ‘site_config.json’ | xargs grep db_
./apps/erpnext/test_sites/test_site/site_config.json: “db_name”: “test_frappe”,
./apps/erpnext/test_sites/test_site/site_config.json: “db_password”: “test_frappe”,
./apps/erpnext_demo/test_sites/test_site/site_config.json: “db_name”: “test_frappe”,
./apps/erpnext_demo/test_sites/test_site/site_config.json: “db_password”: “test_frappe”,
./apps/frappe/test_sites/test_site/site_config.json: “db_name”: “test_frappe”,
./apps/frappe/test_sites/test_site/site_config.json: “db_password”: “test_frappe”,
./sites/erpnext.vm/site_config.json: “db_name”: “d56cb677eaab3383”,
./sites/erpnext.vm/site_config.json: “db_password”: “KZE2RDUvnw12ZNVB”,