Create new user through new role

Dear communities:

I have created one new role called “PUA system” for one of our user and set all permission for it

but when I give one of our user’s account this role
he wants to create lots of new users through upload with csv file
then there’s an error that only the first raw will success
others are not valid , why does this happen ?


This is not because of New Role created. Seems like problem is in your .csv file.
Check your .csv file (error row).

Hi @1117,
-I have checked your csv ,in that you have written , written two times
should enter distinct email ids/unique ,do not duplicate

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sorry I revised it after I reply your email
like this:

and the file still can’t upload
only first raw is was valid

What is the error displayed against Error fo row (#22) ?or it just displaying blank.

  • Try to upload without entering ‘Role’ ,just keep Role column blank and import.

really thanks for your answering
yes it just display blank
and I follow your step not to enter “Role” in csv file
but it still can not import , the error message is still the same

I think I should provide more detail to you
I use my main account called “administrator” (system manager)
do the same thing , use the same csv file it will success
but use another account it will failed , only the first raw valid

Check whether another account has permission to import csv.

Like the top of this page
I have checked all the function already

Could you please help me solve this problem?
It really annoy me

Send me csv and Role what you have used ,its permission also …i will check from my side.

Just like the file I sent you before
and the role is in the top of this page
but why my error message leaves blank
what does that mean?