Create one website user for creating sales order

Hello Teams,

as per the client requirement i have to do one enhancement in the existing system. for that i have create one customer fill the filed like
full name
mob number
customer group

save this details and then go to user list
**in user list create one user **
**add email **
**add first name **
assign role only customer for that user
set password and save it

login with that user then one screen is display

after i click on the order then this screen is open but here no option to create new sales order …how to achive that .


need help how to do this ?

You need to create Sales Order internally or via Shopping cart. Only then the Customer will be able to view the SO. To know more about customer portal, refer the following link:

r8 customer can see the sales order those that customer create but he can not create the sales order option on website …i want that he can create sales order through his account

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Manuplate the permission of role of customer,
and edit the web form prperties.

can u please tell me step by step how to do this…

in the web form i create the one web form for sales order but i am not able to auto fetch the customer and item of that compan/customer for that i have written custom script and the custom script is work fine for normal user but in web form the custom script not workable .so what is the alternative of this help

Open the web form and check these fields
Allow Edit
Allow Multiple
and from Role Permission Manager check these permissions for customer role

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Yes the custom script has a problems in web form, try to avoid the custom script as possible as you can

what is the alternative of this

yes i did this but nothing happen

Try Select if your customer is static

Also follow the Job Applicant web form, the sources doctype, work fine in that web form

i want auto fetch that customer but in my case all customer are showing here this is wrong why customer A show other customer

district the user with customer from user permssion

i have add only customer role for that user and login that user then he will be the website user and he can not able to create the sales order so i want to do enhancment website user can create sales order through his account …

I need same requirement…

can any one help me for the same

i check the link but here customer can only see the details of sales order he can not create new sales order from his account i want that here

Hi nmami,
are u getting any solution for the same?