Create PO and PI and PR at the same time

I would be nice to be able to create PO and PI at the same time with a checkbox or something like that. I would speed up the process.

and if the parts are already in, we could create pr too at the same time.

Any ideas how we could implement that?

@Samuel_Gervais please explain your business scenario in detail. When you want to create PO or PR. In ERPNext, Material request is PR. This can be created manually or auto PR.

I am also curious to understand the business case. I’ve done it via the API for batch document insertions. I think a “receiving wizard” application could work, but it’s likely business-case specific.

@Samuel_Gervais - please clarify your abbreviations. I think @satisharalkar and I have read this differently from each other; PR = purchase receipt or purchase request?

Hi, Sorry, yes PR is Purchase receipt.

It simply to speed up the process of entering the transactions or an older transaction that weren’t in the system yet but already completed and received.

By using a checkbox we could decide if we want to create the PR (Purchase receipt) immediately or wait.

My invoices are always the same thing as my PO so I have to click on save, then wait few seconds, then submit, wait again, create invoice, save wait again, submit. Its a bit annoying when you have to do that all the time and very often.


U can skip the purchase receipt and directly make purchase invoice. Just make sure to click the update stock

yes for all the 3 at the same time.
But if I dont want to do the receipt now and I still want to have a PO so it appear in the PO reports