Create project and tasks from sales order

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has anyone maybe started on customising the project module so that it is able to create a project with tasks from a salesorder?
I imagine the tasks to be created from sales order´s service tasks with planned duration by either Quantity of service task or amount from custom field within sales order items.

how much would a custom development for that be?

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@spa can you give a concrete example?

Does this work for you? Not Found

Edit: We are reducing ad-hoc feature based development.

Hi @rmehta,

thanks for getting back on this…

So, let say I have a quotation for a site job - installation of 200 roller blinds -
Hence that contains 200 roller blinds and a service item for installing the roller blinds - items charged by the hour or minute.
in case this becomes a Sales Order I want ERPNext to create a Project for that Sales Order and
take over those Service items creating tasks with planed duration that equals the Quantity for those Items from Sales order.
whats also possible is that certain service items would trigger a task template that adds several other tasks together with the service task from Sales Order…like “ordering goods” “prepare site”

hope you get what I mean - If not I ll try again :blush:

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@spa how about just using BOM (with Material and Operations)

Hi @rmehta

thanks for this hint still checking whether it could be accomplisched by that

Hi @rmehta

so I ve checked this… We personally can not do it via BOM
I even found out That the Manufacturing Module isnt any good to us at all,
as Items per Sales Order are too Individual so we would need a BOM per Item and Contract
So basically nothing we do is off the shelv
Actually is there a Way to create BOM from a sales Order?

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BOM is linked to an Item Code - and Production Order are created from BOMs Check the manufacturing videos:

I think you can link Projects to Item Codes and then maybe have project templates based on Item Codes?

Hi, there’s the same discussion here : Project Linked to Sales Orders