Create Purchase Order from Material request

When i want create a purchase order out of a material request a message comes with a question for a supplier…

On the material request i have 1 line of item with one supplier defined.

What curious on my mind was that the filter where applied for one spezific material request ( for me it shows like one supplier for one material request )

is there a miss configuration on my side or a bug ?

It’s not a bug.

It is a feature intended to be used when there are multiple items that have the same default supplier. The system then collates those items and creates a single PO.

If you have the default supplier set at the master level you can leave that field empty and hit create.

This is more of a UX issue where the option shouldn’t occur when you’re dealing with just 1 or 2 items in the Material Request.

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If you want to check the step and check it post.

Thank You!