Create "Quick" Quote

I often times need to create quick quotes, without parts that I actually have on hand.

For example, I may have a quote from an online shop that has part numbers and descriptions, but because I don’t order or stock the parts regularly, I don’t necessarily want to clutter up the items/inventory on my ERPNext instance.

Is there a way that I can set a quote doctype to allow the use of any part number I want (without having to add parts to the inventory module), enter a description, cost and price (and perhaps have a hidden field where I can link to the part, the quote, or add any other notes about the item such as supplier part number) and save/send to the customer?

Obviously, if the customer accepts the quote, then I’ll add the part(s) for real though the inventory/purchasing module.

The current process just seems to take me too long to add each new part, add the supplier details, etc., and many times my customers will go elsewhere to purchase, so I’m simply looking for a “quick quote” option to save my group some time.

Any thoughts?


Can you make a generic part and update the description and details each quote?

I certainly could. Would there be an easy way to add an internal only notes field to each line item that doesn’t print / display to end-users, but would show to employees, that I could use to store individual line-item info, such as supplier part number, etc.?

The low tech solution would be to use the comments section at the bottom of the quotation form.

Comments do not print out.