Create Report with selectable check box and perform action on selecting check box?

We need to make one report like this.

after selecting checkbox, we need to perform some action like open popup and create some forms.
I am stuck with creating check box.
I have tried to extend frappe.views.GridReportWithPlot, but doesn’t understand from where we need to pass data to show data in report.

Anyone tried this?

SlickGrid is a beast. All the best!

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Hi @rmehta

I have done first part,
I have created Page in Frappe.
Added Slick Grid view report on that page.
On clicking Refresh button I am getting selected rows value.
I am sharing code so that anyone can refer this to make custom dashboard and report.

Now, I need dynamic check box in frappe.prompt(). Any suggestion will be very helpful.
I want to show all item with check box based on Selected Item Group.

I will update code when I am done with this task.

You already have a lot of pending PRs to send :wink:

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@rmehta currently I have put my code on github.
I will make app for each feature or I will send Pull request.