Create sale invoice while stock is insufficient

Hi all,
It seems like now with the new system of Sale invoice then Delivery Note, it is possible to submit a Sale Invoice while there is not enough stock of the product.
Then when we do delivery for that invoice, we notice we can’t do it because not enough stock…

We should have validation rules here, so that if no negative stock is chosen, one cannot submit sale invoice against insufficient stock.

Can other people replicate this?

Now , Sales Invoice entry get submitted without stock availability of respective items.

You should have create customization for sales invoice, To check the stock availability of the respective items at the time of submitting sales invoice.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hi Geetanjali,
Thanks for the suggestion, what do you mean by creating a customization for sales invoice?
Shouldn’t this be a default setting or at least a possible option to choose from?

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There is no option to choose and no default setting.
Edit the sales invoice code as per requirment.

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You can set workflow Sales Order>>Delivery Note>>Sales Invoice.
Please let me know if this workflow is ok for your business.
Other than that,
You can write script to show actual balance at warehouse and then add validation.

Excellent idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
That said, I still think it should be a default feature to allow or not negative inventory when we invoice.

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