Create Sales Order into ERPNext from external system

We are planning to integrate an external system with currently deployed ERPNext instance (On Premise). Below are our concerns and questions …

  1. Where can we found the REST API details for sales order creation or is there and configuration we need to do to enable the same over the network. We are looking for documentation details but not able to find (the older github links doesn’t work anymore). Can someone point us to the right URL to get some help.

  2. If a REST API is available then, does that do all the business validation on json data passed, before creating sales order in ERPNext? (Our expectation is it should validate data as same as entry through forms, hopefully it doesn’t just wanted to confirm).

A quick response would be highly appreciated.


The official guides have nice examples explaining how to log in and how to read and write basically any DocType as long as your user that is used for the API has the permissions for it Introduction

What’s missing for you in this documentation that you need answered?

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I have gone through this already. My question is does the POST method takes care of business validations on data? If I create a business object (Customer, Order …etc) or transactions (Material Request …etc) the python layer does some additional validation before it allows user to create the same. Specifically I want to know if REST API POST method takes care of those or we need to redo those validations at external system?

Thanks for your valuable feedback !!

If you create DocTypes through the API it works as if you did it through the ERPNext Desk meaning yes the evaluations happen.