Create the records after install


I am creating the records with the using of the after_install hook in my app.
Here is my code:

def after_install():
item_rec = frappe.get_doc({
“doctype”: “Product Packaging”,
“pkg_name”: ‘AA’,
“shipper_package_code”: ‘01’,
“package_carrier_type”: “MY”,
“max_weight”: 0.50,
“doctype”: “Product Packaging”,
“pkg_name”: ‘AAB’,
“shipper_package_code”: ‘02’,
“package_carrier_type”: “MY”,
“max_weight”: 68.00,

But it considered only first dictionary as a value for creating the records. I mean the records which I have written in the first dictionary.
So, I want to pass the multiple records for the same doctype then how can I get it?

call frappe.get_doc(...).insert() multiple times.

Thank you so much for your kindly reply. :handshake: