Create Themes for ERPNext?

Is there a relatively easy way to create a theme to use in ERPNext?

I’m finding the contrast for background/fields too indistinct in the light theme and the dark theme seems to almost hide some elements.

I have came across a few options on GitHub, but they seem to involve creating a custom app to do it.

Is there any documentation for this anywhere?



Hope this helps


thanks for the link but it is for the “external” Portal side of ERPNext. I’m looking to change the Desk side.

So far the only way I have seen is app themes like this GitHub - Midocean-Technologies/business_theme_v14: Business Theme for Frappe / ERPNext v14
Which has a few bugs. Was hoping to find a way to make my own.

documentation: Hooks

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Thanks @revant_one, hopefully this will be more straightforward than I thought!