Create two applications with different sites and same database

Hello Pratik,
Recently I just found your ERPNext and Frappe framework. So interesting. :smile:

Now, I want to create two web applications with Frappe framework. They will have different sites, but share a database. From your documentation I’ve read, when we create a new site, it will also create new database. How I can create these applications so they will share a database, but different sites?

I hope you can answer my question. Thank you, and success for ERPNext. I hope it will grow bigger and help many small-medium enterprises.

A site is a database, you can install as many apps as you want on one database / site. You might have to hack frappe / nginx to run multi-tenant from one db. But frappe was designed to have separate database for each tenant.

Hi rmehta,

We managed to set up multi-tenant and multi-site with same database.

Now we’re not sure if the core frappe/erpnext will be able to handle the different sites by properly queueing the db I/O operations to prevent deadlocks and such?