Create Work Order from Production Plan for items entered multiple times error

I am facing an issue after updating from Version 12 to Version 13 in the Production Plan and Work Order.

In our company, we very often enter the same item multiple times in one production order in order to collect more detail data etc. For example, we would enter 5 nos of ITEM A in row #1 , and the same ITEM A in row #4 for 10 nos. But after we submit the Production Plan and click on Create Work Order, the work order created is only for row #4 with a quantity of only 10 nos. So instead of creating 2 Work Orders with 5 and 10 nos, now we only have 1 work order for 10 nos of ITEM A.
Even if we went back to create Work Order for the ITEM A again, we are not able to submit the work order. The error reads “Cannot produce more for ITEM A”.

Anyone knows what goes wrong here? because in Version 12, this never happens. It will just create the work orders according to how many rows and items we entered in the Production Plan