Create workflow of Lead approval

Suppose we have a sales user who creates the lead and a sales manager who approves the lead, then we create the quotation, then how to create the workflow of Lead Approval?

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Hi @sachin1

Not sure I understand your request. Do you want to know how to transition from Lead Created to Lead Approved?

Right Sir.

Okay. I presume you’re on version 12.

1 So first you need to create those 2 States. Do this in Settings > Workflow > Workflow State > New >.
You can call them Lead Created and Lead Approved.

2 Then create the workflow Action which will transition from the Lead Created state to the Lead Approved state. Do so in Settings > Workflow > Workflow > New >. Give it any name you fancy, and apply it to Lead DocType.

2.1 Under States, add a row for each state the Lead DocType can be in. Ref Workflows I know this is confusing since we actually already defined those states but we never assigned them to the Lead DocType, which is what we do here.

2.2 Under Transition Rules add a row for each transition. In other words which state will transition to which state, and by whom. The Action is the literal which will appear in the Action drop-down which now replaces the default Save/Submit button on the Lead form.

3 Now open a new Lead, and see that the Action button is new with the name you gave your transition. It’s also only available to the Role you assigned to it.

4 I presume you need more States, such as Draft to Created and Created to Approved, each done by a different Role. Simply go back and amend the above 3 steps. Note that for Draft to Created the Doc status will be 0 and for Created to Approved 1, ref to the above link to the manual.

I trust this will help you.