Created Doctype are Missing in backend

I have created the two doctype - books and Students. The books doctype is shown in back end and fornt end, but the students doctype is not shown in backend.

While creating DocType uncheck the Custom option.

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Hi Thanks for your reply, while creating the doctype i have unchecked the custom field and saved.

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Did it worked for you :slight_smile:

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@Dhamu also check if you have enabled developer mode. Please check this article for details. Not Found

If you are on developer mode, custom must not be checked by default.

hi @kolate_sambhaji & @neilLasrado thanks for your reply, I have checked the developer mode and custom field. every think is set correct. but i didn’t find the folder of student doctype.

I have created 3 apps in the single site. whether it sync with other apps.

When you create new DocType, which module you are selecting?
You should select Library module.

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