Created DocType doesn't appear

Hi, I’m new to frappe and I’m studying it to start developing new functionality, so I started the tutorials and i don’t know if its docs is outdated and some things changed, that because i created a DocType called and it doesn’t seem to be in my app’s structure, there is just a previous Doctype I created called

Make sure you don’t check “Custom?” checkbox in doctype creation

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Yes, it is checked but it doesn’t allow me to uncheck it, any idea why is this?

make sure you are on developer mode.
to do that run ‘bench set-config developer_mode 1’ from your bench folder

I was on developer mode actually, i did it again anyway and it still is checked and doesn’t let me uncheck it. Mmmh and I took a look to other DocType i created first (library_member) and is the only one that appears and that one doesn’t have that custom checkbox checked.

Solved it, ty anyway for your collaboration. To solve it i had to log in as Administrator, for some reason both accounts were System User, but just Administrator had the permission to uncheck that checkbox.

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Glad to hear that