Created On Equals Today filter doesn't work properly

Hello, I’m trying to find the leads that are created today. As you see below in the first photo I have one Lead created today 02-04-2022.
I filtered the result using Created On equals Today as you see below. But no results.

I tried to filter using yesterday 01-04-2022 but also no results!!

I tried between 01-04-2022 and 02-04-2022 and it finally works but is that? where does it suppose to be?


If does not work in Created On Equals then you can use Timespan.


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Hi, That is not working because, You have set a DateTime field at the created on section which also fetch the time through the filter. If you won’t give accurate date along with accurate time, it will never provide you the outputs.

Instead you can use the “Time Span” filter set to today for convinience.