Creating 2 UOM without conversion

Can we have 2 UOM of an item without mentioning a conversion rate between the two.

Say for example, we measure our item into KG and Nos. both and we need to maintain stock usign both- is it possible? How to customise for that?

This is not possible in the current situation. I also don’t see any possible use case for this as you can just create 2 separate items instead.
Item1: Screws in kg
Item2 : screws in nos

There is no way to maintain stock using 1 item with 2 diff uom.

We call it dual unit of measure and it’s not supported by ERPNext.

Use case:

frozen chicken box say medium size, each piece vary in KG, so 10 unit in kg give 10.5 kg or 9.8 kg, same for meat.

at receiving we receive a box of 10 unit and 9.5 kg and so on

at onhand we display this isyem by 2 unit of measure, we can say we have available 10.5 kg or 10 unit.

all stock transactions for that items are using both UOMs, also there is no conversion rate between them since it’s varying.

Price list maintained by one of the UOM, stock value maintained by the primary one.

yes complicated but doable.


This is useful! Thank you!

So you are saying I can use two UOM but stock will be maintained in one of them only.

onhand also for both, but value for one of them.

I am talking about concept but not ERPNext.

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