Creating a compound UoM


I am working on writing a custom app for box manufacturing factory. In our setup, paper is one of the key raw material which is supplied in multiple rolls with different measurement. however pricing is mainly based on the KiloGrams. So I need to manage two UoMs

  1. No of rolls
  2. KG in each roll
    I heard a similar UoM was created for school as Box and Nos for stationary items. I am wondering whether something of this sort is already available in erpnext? If not, I am interested in adding this provision, but would need some help to start.


Check “Purchase UOM and Stock UOM” in the following link

Thanks @Pawan,

I am wondering whether it would really help in this case. The main difference here is that the weight of each roll would be different. In case of items coming in boxes, I am assuming the item count will be same, so we could apply a single conversion factor. But that won’t work well where conversion factor is different for each boxes, right?