Creating a copy of my ERP development Environment

hey guys ,am quite new in ERPnext ,we have a customized erp enviroment and we want to move it to production I did some reserch and found this article

  1. I took the erp back up using this command bench --site backup --with-files
    and it resulted to two zipped files
    20190715_174952-erpnewsite-files.tar and 20190715_174952-erpnewsite-private-files.tar
  2. Copied this one 20190715_174952-erpnewsite-files.tar to my new instance but when I unzip it am not getting the expected directories my ‘site’ directory is missing am only having “/opt/bench/erpnewsite/public/files”

I will appreciate your help guys .

Solved it using this link here,it seems I was using erp version 8 (frappe brunch ) method ,yet mine was 12.All is well now.