Creating a custom form, and set color to a field value depending on value

Hello There,

I’m using Education module, and I have created a new tab in the Students options, where I can mark attendance to the student, but i’ve been struggling to make a customization in this table.

I created a new DocType, a little form very simple, but essential for my case, and I added this form to my Student settings, in a new Tab as a Table, so I could have a kinda of a List.

But here is my struggle, I have a field in this table, where I’d would like to set a Color to this field value, depending on its value, if it’s Entrance I’d like it to be Green, or if it’s Exit I’d like it to be red.
I’ve looked for some ways to solve that, but I couldn’t succeed.

Anyone can help me with that, is it possible to do that in ERPNext?