Creating a Lead Manually Hangs UI if Email is Added


ERPNext: v14.36.0
Frappe Framework: v14.46.0

When creating a single Lean manually (vs. import), if the creation includes an email address for the Lead, the UI will hang and eventually give a timeout…

Reload the page, fill it out again and try to save and it will say page has been updated since last loaded. Refresh again and all the data is there.

Or you can exit when it times out and it eventually shows up in the Lead list view.

Now, any other updates made to this Lead will result in the same behaviour IF there is an email address. If there IS NOT an email address, then the saves happen right a way and the page is displayed with all of your edits.

Seems like this is an issue already reported?

Has anyone else ran into this? Is there a workaround for manual creation? I guess I could import Leads each time one needs to be created. :person_shrugging:

Importing Leads that have email addresses seems to work fine.

Thanks in advance

Hi @jdogcisco:

Any errors on browser console?
It’s working fine here.

Hi @avc ,

Is this what you mean by browser console…
In this example, I entered only
First name = Test
Email =
Status = Lead

Hi @avc ,

So, from the screenshot posted above, I “X” out of the message window. I click on “Lead” in the breadcrumb menu at the top to go back to the Lead list view. And the record is there in the list. I click on the record and I can see the details I entered. So, I guess you can say it does work eventually, but it give indication that it failed.

Any more edits to this record, for example adding a Last Name, will have the same delay because the email address is there. If I remove the email address, add last name (or update any other field, then click Save, it will work and be quick like normal.


Check if Contact (Contact Doctype) is created and connected with lead (and added email) …
Maybe this process is failing, even Lead is created properly …

Any customization on Lead, Contact, etc?

Hi @avc ,

This is a fresh install, no customizations at all. I’ve only just started playing with it and I’m starting with Leads and running into these issues.

Also, some additional info. If I update a Lead that was created via Import. There didn’t appear to be an issue with Importing records with email addresses, but when I update them in the UI, if it has an email address, I have the same hanging issue.

See below