Creating a new stock entry

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I am new to erpnext. Facing problem while creating stock entry I am not able transfer manufacturing items from one warehouse to another.

Is there any for setting up warehouses.

Always it is returning this error.

Row 1: Qty not available for Nut raw material in warehouse Raw Materials - RFS at posting time of the entry (13-12-2017 9:37:34 AM)

Available qty is 0, you need 1.0


Hi @Akshay_Patil

Trust you’re doing well. The problem is quite clear from the error message. The item you’re trying to transfer is not available in that warehouse! You need to first receive the item into the warehouse (through Purchase Receipt or Stock Entry) before you can then transfer it somewhere else

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But same error I am getting when I click on finish button from production order.

Should I again create a purchase receipt.

Hi @Akshay_Patil

Have you brought in any units of that item into the system previously? If so, how many units did you bring in and which warehouse did you bring them into?

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I am trying to trasfer 8 units from raw materials warehouse to semi finished goods warehouse

Does your Raw materials warehouse have 8 units of that item?

I am just confusing with these warehouses How to make items available in warehouses.

Can you guys please tell me the whole process.

I have these 3 ware houses 1. Raw Materials. 2. Semi Goods 3. Finished goods.

Just like @wale has explained, try creating a Stock Entry or a Purchase Order to bring in raw materials.
If you choose Stock Entry choose Purpose as Material Receipt and select your Target Warehouse as the Raw Materials Warehouse you have already defined
These links might help you:

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Ok thanks for your info

Thanks @wale and @umavijay