Creating a Salary Slip in accordance with LWP

I would like your help on creation of a payslip based on the leaves allocated. I am detailing what I have done so far and what I would like to do.

  1. Created an employee.

  2. Assigned the number of paid leaves for the employee as 14 in year.

  3. Created a salary structure for the employee.

  4. Created an attendance list for the employee which says that the employee has been absent for 18 days in the month.

  5. Created a Payslip.

    According to my HR rules, 14 days are paid leaves. But the employee has been absent for 18 days, therefore the remaining 4 days salary should be deducted from the employee's Basic salary which is not getting reflected in the salary slip. Also the number of working days is shown as the number of days in the month even though I have updated all the holidays list.  Request your help on this issue. 

Thanks and Regards,

@prakash you want to answer this?

Hi Akilesh,

Make two seporate leave applications. One for paid leaves and other for Leave Without Pay (LWP) and try.