Creating a ToDo and assign it to someone creates a duplicated ToDo

When I’m creating a ToDo, if I assign it to someone, it creates a duplicate ToDo item. I believe this is caused because when certain doctype is assigned to a user, a ToDo is automatically created and associated to that DocType.

But this behavior should not happen when the DocType is a ToDo itself, isn’t?

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@Txibu I think that is correct behavior. First To Do is the task. The second one is an assignment.

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What is the use of the allocated to field then?

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I have some related issues as I have added a custom field Subject in Todo Doctype.
All is working fine but While assigning Todo to other people as above said it duplicate todo, that’s also fine. But the Assignment task generates without Subject and Description wrote in task disappears, so the assigned task do not have subject and description.

Help to solve this…


I’m sorry but I don’t understand the business logic of this.
Because If I change the status of the assigned to-do, the task is not impacted.

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