Creating a variant from sales order

brief introduction:
I sell hats I have different sizes, materials and color codes per material (all my attributes)

As you can imagine the combinations are many, too many and of course I don t actually sell them all.

the thing is that I don´t want to upload thousands of combinations every 6 months with the risk that I will use only a third of them.
The best would be if I could insert a new variant straight when I m with a customer and taking his orders, without go on stock-item-create new variant.

I could use a tablet and that would be fast and efficient, a dream coming true :wink:

Do you think it would be possible?

Thanks for writing in!

Anything is possible in open source :slight_smile: I guess you have to find a right developer to build it for you.

hi And thanks for the reply.
I Have found a developer. Can you please explain me How the process works?
should he be in contact with you?

You need to have a developer that has experience in customizing ERPNext here some list

Ok thanks for the reply,
can he get in the list somehow? If he is worthy of course :wink:

what sholud he do? and more or less how long would it take to be accepted?