Creating a Warehouse if multi Companies: Field Company does not show

Hi all,
When you have multi companies and restrictions and no Default Company is set on Global Settngs… when creating a new Warehouse if on filter list the company is not selected when you press new the field Company is not shown so user can select the Company.

Currently the user before creating a new warehouse must filter the company and only after create the new Warehouse.

Should not the field be visible when Filter selected or not ?

The best way to create a warehouse would be via the Warehouse tree, select the company, and then create a tree. In case there are restrictions on the employee, the other company won’t be visible at all.

However, this is true. We will work on fixing this soon. Thanks.

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Also when multi companies and restrictions applied warehouse does not open as Tree.

when using the awesome bar, always look for tree:

if you switch to list view and then go back, the system will go back to the list and not tree view. This is something you’ll see common across any doctype which has Tree views like CoA, item group, etc.

Actually I forgot about it as was focused on creating or finding a reason why… Thanks for the reply and reminder.