Creating an Opening balance without Party or Party Type Field


Our CA who’ve come from Tally background, has told us that they cannot create an opening balance without inputting the mandatory fields:

  1. Party
  2. Party Type

My question is simple,

Can we bypass these mandatory field i.e. Party and Party Type while creating ?

Don’t ask me why? I am just trying to setup this because we cannot make any account entries without first creating some opening balance entries. I’ve communicated to them that most probably this cannot be done.

However, any help would be much appreciated.


Tally saves every Customer as a different Ledger, whereas ERPNext makes uses the Tags to help you differentiate between them instead of creating various unnecessary Ledgers.

The simple answer is no, and for good reasons.
Try using Opening Invoice Creation Tool to help expedite the process instead of Journal Entry.

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Thank for replying and taking your time.

I will communicate this to the CA.

I know why, I’ve dealt with many tally users.
Just help them fill the party type and party(code if naming series is used).

Moving uses from tally to erpnext is a big challenge in its know. For that I had to learn tally just to convince them that erpnext is much better. :joy:

Good luck.

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