Creating APIs in ERPNext

I have installed ERPNext on the server. I wish to connect the ERPNext database to my mobile application. I have a few questions regarding the same which are as follows:

  1. How to create APIs in ERPNext to connect my database to the Mobile Application ?

  2. What does ‘your frappe instance’ mean ?

It would be really helpful if anybody can help me with this query.

You find docs on the API here and here, as well as my inofficial one on swaggerhub.

“Your frappe instance” in this case refers to the base URI of your server. This will be the protocol you’re using (http oder https) together with your domain or ip address. For example, or


Thank you for your valuable input!
Also could you let me know should I write these commands on Python ?

For eg: If I want a particular doc type so should I write the Get command on Python ?

GET, POST, PUT, etc. are the HTTP request methods. How you write a request is different in every language and library. That’s why the documentation is only a general description of the HTTP requests.

You can try the requests with a tool like Postman. It also provides example code for lot’s of languages.

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