Creating App after set up ERPNext

Hi… I am very new to this and and i have installed ERPNext. Now i want to create my own app. According to this video (Session 1: Creating an App - YouTube) after creating the app, again creates a new site. If i am already have ERPNext and I can access through browser(Desktop). do we need to create new site again?
if not then how can i install new app?

you can install the app in site using following command.

bench --site site_name install-app app_name
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What would be the site name? If i didn’t create any site. I am in the initial setup. Is it site1.local?

When I run the comand with site1.local as site name, it gives an error saying “import error : no module named hrm”

hrm is my app name.

you can find the site names in /sites directory. If you are on production setup then site1.local is the site name.
please check the app name and try again, you can find the app name in /sites/apps.txt

Thank you very much. Finally managed to do it.