Creating Apps from within Frappe

Hi all!

I’ve been trying to create an app, but realized it’s just as simple to add custom doctype, server + client scripts directly onto frappe framework. This gets me thinking that many people may have heavy custom integrations done that could benefit other people in the community (just my my custom integrations might help benefit people in my industry).

So I have a suggestion to make the Frappe Marketplace more dynamic. If we could from within Frappe create an App (with automatic version control), and each time we develop a new doctype, scripts, reports, etc) we link it to an App. This way I can easily create an App called Cookbook Recipes, develop all the necessary customizations and then click a click of a button publish the app.

This publish button would get all the linked customizations, convert them into JSON and then have them publicly available for others to download, install, and delete if it doesn’t work for them.

All customizations would be compartmentalized and it would be easier to make improvements.

Let me know if there is any interest in the community to build this! I would be glad to help.


Hi @ablishek ,

In version14, we already have the option for export to modules at all levels of customization.

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Can we expedite exporting Client Script customization until the version14 kicks in?

Yes through fixtures

I mean make it available in v13 before v14 kicks in… Sorry for my badly organized question previously.