Creating branches, departments or areas

I need to setup a company with different areas so different privileges and visibility can be attributed to different employees. The document visibility is invoices, purchases, projects, employees and others.

This should not be a multi company setup.

There’s lots of ways to slice this. For departments, if you add a user as a “sales user,” it will default to permissions for sales users. For more fine tuning, you can visit the role manager to make sure each user only sees what you want them to.

ERPNext has branches, cost centers, warehouses, and accounting dimensions. User permissions can be modified where a user only sees documents specific to their branch/warehouse/cost center, etc.

There are also user groups (I didn’t find documentation on this, but it pulls up if you type it into the Awesome Bar).

Thank you for the response @levi.

Let us consider that I have three different departments and ERP solutions, an Enterprise training and a Hardware division.

I want to have a clear segregation of the visibility and workflow approvals, the salespeople from the ERP solution have a different sales funnel, from the Enterprise training and HW division.

Including issuing invoices and can only see employees from there on area.

So what you are saying is that we can set permission based on Brach or the department. However, if I go to DocType Sales Order or Opportunity they do not have that field in it. What you are suggesting is to change the DocType and add this field. Is there a possibility of using only the out-of-the-box features?

@JulioCoelho not need to any kind of customization for it,
@levi said to you Users Module presented User Permission Doctype you can achieve your specific restriction.

Let consider you have different kind of sales territory created in your system.
Like East, West, South and North zone.
As well, you have some sells team to divide zonal wise to achieve our sales specific zonal customer.
But one condition is don’t display to each other customer to your sales team, then that time you can segregate all customers zonal wise and help of using user permission doctype to achieve that condition.
The result is your sales team can’t display to other zonal customers his dashboard.

Think your conditions and try to apply it

Hope you understand…!

Hi @pra17shant, I understand the sales territory approach, since it is a field named Territory in the Doctypes of the sales order, sales invoice, or opportunity.

I need the users of a specific branch or department, can only see their data, like customers and invoices, etc.

How can this be achieved using only the out-of-the-box features, without adding the branch or department field to the Doctypes of the sales order, sales invoice, or opportunity and then use the Users permission to enforce the visibility.

@JulioCoelho I think you can do it in your custom role creation with “Only If Creator” check box presented in Role Permissions Manager DocType.
You will be increased in your working stuff by doing this.

In my perspective better to handle creating branch/Department custom doctype with specific record respectively, and create custom link field in each respective restriction doctype and finally go ahead before post as i said.
It works as charm and low efforts to apply.