Creating child table item using route options

How could I create a child table item in a New Doc by passing through route_options or new_doc
I tried

{item_code:'USB Dongle'}

But it is only creating the party_name but not the child table entry, How should I do this? Is there any example I could look at?

Hi @manasan

You can do it by get_doc

                   'doctype': 'Item',
                   'item_code': item.item_code,
                   'item_group': 'M',
                   'stock_uom': 'Nos',
                   'is_sales_item': 1,
                   'valuation_rate': item.rate,
                   'is_purchase_item': 1,
                   'taxes' : [{
                			'item_tax_template': tax_template

refer documentation Document API

I think you misunderstood my question, I wanna send an entry to the child table in a new doc through route from another document.