Creating Custom Field Similar to "Supplier Part Number" - 2 layer Link retrieval?

Hi guys,

First of all, my apologies - am new to ERPNext, so my terminologies used might be a little less precise… :smiley: Oh, and I’m on v13.

I’m trying to create a custom field similar to the “Supplier Part Number” which essentially has 2 levels of “linking”. For example, say, I wanna have “Supplier Item URL”, which is a URL to the supplier’s website for a specific item unique to each supplier item.

I have tried adding it in the “Item Supplier” form, and got it to show up and store my URL data, but the question is, how do I get it to show up in other places such as “Supplier Quotation Item”, which relies on the:

  1. “Seller” being selected first from a select box, [criteria 1]
  2. and then inside the table, the “Item Code” being selected [criteria 2]
  3. …which would automatically retrieve the relevant “Supplier Part Number”
  4. …but in this case I also want it to retrieve the “Supplier Item URL” ?? How do I do that?

I am pretty sure I am missing a Fetch or something, but can’t seem to find where to start.

Can someone point me the right way? Thanks!