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I have a few question based on some module. Actually i need to add few custom form in operation module as per my requirement and application. But i did not get aware about this. i need to create some specific form for my application, which is not available in ERPNext operation module.

  1. Can i create custom form based on my requirements in any ERPNext module ? if yes, please guide to this direction.

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Yes, you can. Please check following link to learn more.


But my actually question is that, can i add new custom form with design a python code and add this form to some specific module ?

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Erpnext desined to be customized app and you can easily add new forms and customize the existing ones. No need for using code. Please read the manual.


Look, for example if i want to create custom form in sub module operation of Manufacturing module to note down result of different parameters of product at different stages of production. Is this possible to create that kind of custom form which has tables of all parameters and we can add parameters reading after each stage of production and testing ?

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Can we change UI of ERPNext as per our requirments and then create custom fields in this new UI ?

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Hi, I think it would be better if your requirements will be in bullet/number list form :slight_smile:


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I created a custom module and DocTypes. In doctypes, i added 3 fields 1) start time 2) end time 3) total time. As available option in fields type, i selected time In Type column. for this, how can i auto count total time as per selection of start time and end time ? I want total time count after start and end time selection.

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This will require custom scripting. For the reference, you can check time calculation in the Timesheet Details table.

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