Creating Delivery Trip Without Delivery Note

Hi all,
i have a condition where the company doesnt need delivery note but they can make delivery trip directly from sales invoice. I already write the code but still run an error message “an error occured while creating…”. below i give my code. Is the anyone can help me with this? thankyou

py code:

def set_delivery_trip(sales_invoice):
sales_invoice = frappe.get_doc(“Sales Invoice”, sales_invoice)
# frappe.msgprint(f"Sales Invoice: {sales_invoice}")

    if sales_invoice.workflow_state == "Waiting For Delivery Trip":
        # frappe.msgprint("Creating Delivery Trip...")

        delivery_trip = frappe.new_doc("Delivery Trip")
        delivery_trip.customer = sales_invoice.customer = sales_invoice.contact_person
        delivery_trip.customer_contact = sales_invoice.contact_display
        delivery_trip.grand_total = sales_invoice.grand_total

        if sales_invoice.company_address:
            delivery_trip.customer_address = sales_invoice.customer_address
            delivery_trip.append("delivery_stops", {
                "customer": sales_invoice.customer,
                "address": sales_invoice.customer_address
            frappe.msgprint("shipping address is missing. cannot create delivery trip")
        if sales_invoice.driver_name:
            delivery_trip.driver = sales_invoice.driver_name
        if sales_invoice.vehicle_number:
            delivery_trip.vehicle = sales_invoice.vehicle_number
        delivery_trip.departure_time = frappe.utils.now_datetime()
        # frappe.msgprint("Delivery Trip created successfully")
        frappe.msgprint("Cannot create Delivery Trip for this Sales Invoice.")
except Exception as e:
    frappe.log_error(f"Error creating delivery trip: {e}")
    frappe.throw("An error occured while creating while creating the delivery trip")

js code:
frappe.ui.form.on(‘Sales Invoice’, {
refresh: function(frm) {
if (frm.doc.docstatus == 0 && frm.doc.workflow_state == “Waiting For Delivery Trip”){
frm.add_custom_button(__(‘Delivery Trip’), function(){
}, __(“Create”));
function create_delivery_trip(frm){{
method: “sanjaya.sanjaya.overide.sales_invoice.set_delivery_trip”,
callback: function(r) {
if (r.message) {
} else {
frappe.msgprint(“An error occurred while creating the delivery trip.”);