Creating/editing Scheduler event in

I made a doctype in a custom app where I want to schedule an event.
But it doesnt get activated on the scheduled time and date.

I mean I added the time in the doctype to activate the thing, Created a function that should be called at that time, added the function name in the file of the app do I need to do anything else

Also I wanted to install a python library for a different .py file so how can I do that such that ?


Silly question but id you enabled sheduler with “bench enable-scheduler”?
This command works with current_site.txt tkae care if you are with mulitenant.

To install other python lib you have to install just have to “pip3 install” but be sure the virtualenv you work with is the same as the one use frappe user (the one that is use in /etc/supervisor/conf.d/“benchname”.conf


Thank you for your reply
Thats not a silly question cause no I havent run the command

My scheduler in ERPNext app works fine, I tested email campaign and received email. So I have to run the command for my custom app?

And do I have to do anything else, cause in the hooks doc page they just explained what all code do

Also is the process same if I want to change a scheduler from daily to hourly or all category?

I also did bench enable-scheduler
so what is happening is in a doctype eg social media posting I have created multiple post…so some of them get triggered and some doesnt
Also I tried to add a print statements in but they get printed only once