Creating Invoice through API but not updating Sales Order Status


When creating invoices through the Rest API, the original Sales Order is not getting marked Completed and the per_billed on both the Sales Order and the Sales Order Items isn’t changing from 0%.

I’ve looked through all similar topics I could find but haven’t come up with a solution.

Here’s my post when creating the invoice:

   "customer":"customer name",
   "payment_terms_template":"Net 30",
         "item_name":"My new item",
         "warehouse":"Finished Goods - Company",
         "description":"My new item",
         "account_head":"Cost of Goods Sold - Company",
         "cost_center":"Main - Company",
         "description":"Free Shipping",

Disregard, I found the problem…

I was missing the so_detail property in the Items array referencing back to the Sales Order Item name. Once I added that, everything worked as expected.