Creating Journal Entry using REST API, "title" field is ignored

Hi, using the following API call, I can create a Journal Entry, however the “title” field is ignored and the Title is populated with the first ‘Account’ entry “Accruals and Deferred Income - TC”

http://localhost/api/resource/Journal%20Entry?data={“title”:“Daily Sales Posting 1st Sep 2015”,“posting_date”:“2015-09-01”,“doctype”:“Journal Entry”, “naming_series”:“JV-”, “voucher_type”:“Journal Entry”, “accounts”:[{“is_advance”:“No”,“cost_center”:“Main - TC”,“account”:“Accruals and Deferred Income - TC”,“doctype”:“Journal Entry Account”,“debit”:50.0,“docstatus”:1},{“is_advance”:“No”,“cost_center”:“Main - TC”,“account”:“Cash on hand - TC”,“doctype”:“Journal Entry Account”,“credit”:50.0,“docstatus”:1}], “owner":"”, “user_remark”:“Daily Sales 1st Sep 2015”, “remark”:“Daily Sales Posting 1st Sep 2015”, “docstatus”:1}

Can the “title” field be entered this way? Thanks

We need to remove / fix this.

Hi @rmehta, is there any progress on this fix as I am finalising some API interfacing and need to be able to set the Title for Journal Entries. Should I put an entry in Github?
Many thanks

Fixed: [fix] set title in Journal Entry only if not set by rmehta · Pull Request #4158 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

But please feel free to send PR if you think its reasonable.

Hi @rmehta, tested the changes and it works as expected. Many thanks for the fix :smile:

Has the title field ever worked correctly for overriding the auto naming of Projects?

Hi @superlack,before the fix I was able to use the API’s to ‘update’ the title field as expected. Previously if I created a Journal Entry via API, it would not allow me to write the “title” field on creation so all I could do is to then follow up with a PUT request to update the title to what I required. This problem was only with Journal Entries. Now I can write to the Title field on creation - thus effecively overriding the auto-naming in the Title field

Ah, I see what you mean now. I thought this was to do with adding a custom “title” field to override autonaming.

Great to know about this anyway!