Creating link between Project / Payslip & Project / Journal

Good day all

ERPNext: v13.49.6 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.51.2 (version-13)

I have been creating some links between docs e.g. Production Plan > Event which
puts a production plan on the event-calendar.

I would like to add some more links but I cannot get my head around these ones.
Is it possible to do without backend scripting ?

Link between project / Payslip so that any payslips generated for a project is displayed
in the Links-section" of Project

Link between project / Journal so that any journals generated by the above payslips, can be
seen in the Links-section of Project

The problem the way I see it is there is no Project field on a payslip ???

Update …

I have made some progress …

Created a link on Project…

Link Doctype      Link Fieldname                Group
Payroll Entry           project                Labour Costing

Its not a link to the Payslip but its better than nothing.

Still trying to also link to the Journal Entry. In the Journal however, the “project” field is
in the Accounting Entries Table.

Can someone perhaps assist with linking to a field in a table , please?


I have still been working on this …

As in my previous post, the link to Payroll Entry works fine. Its just the link to the Journal Entry that
I cant seem to get right.

Currently I have the following…

Link Doctype
Journal Entry Account

Link Fieldname

Parent Doctype
Journal Entry

Table Fieldname

This based on…

Journal Entry has 
Accounting Entries ; Table ; accounts ; Journal Entry Account

and Journal Entry Account has
Project ; Link; project ; Project

Isn’t there someone that can guide me on this one, please ?