Creating more subfolders in Files


When I try to create more folder within a folder I get the following message

The system is not counting the folder’s real name.


Within folder Title 3 is a folder named Title 4

So the system won’t let me create the folder with name Title 19 within the folder named Title 18 because it’s considering the name as if it were the one underlined in yellow.

The issue is that the real folder’s name is Title 19 which only has 8 characters (taking space into account).

So it doesn’t matter how short the title is, it will come a point when the sum of the folders name character exceed the maximum allowed (140).

We tried adding another field name but there’s also a restriction.

Although it’s a new field, it won’t allow me to increase de number of characters.

The length restriction would still be an issue since it’s adding all folder’s name instead of the name of the folder that’s being created.

I think that the problem is with the ID field.

But the message error that we’re getting is for file name and not from ID.


Does somebody know how to fix this?