Creating multiple RFQs from a single Material Request


I am new to ERPNext and am try to assess the suitability of the software for our company’s needs.

The scenario is as follows:

  • The ‘Stores’ dept which maintains the inventory determines that we are out of stock for some of the components in a ‘Material Request’ placed by the Manufacturing dept.
  • Not all of the items that are requested are supplied by a single supplier.
  • The Purchase department needs to place multiple RFQs with multiple suppliers. Each RFQ should only contain the items that come from that specific supplier.

This seems quite elementary, so I presume it is supported by ERPNext but I haven’t figured out how to generate multiple RFQs from a single Material Request/BOM. Firstly, I would like to understand if it’s possible to associate an item with a set of suppliers?

Thanks in advance.

One clarification on the question posted above - it is indeed possible to send out multiple RFQs to multiple vendors. However what I really want to do is to restrict the set of items in an RFQ to the items supplied by that vendor.