Creating new Accounts heads on Journal

While entering journal entry ,if we try create an new account we are getting this message

Previous version we can create Accounts directly by selecting create new account


As indicated in the error message, you can add new Account from Chart of Accounts master only. For more help, check:

Hello Umair

we can see the option for create new account as of the previous version ,but unable to create new account

As you rightly understood, it has been stopped in the latest version. There more many inputs needed for creating an Account, which is auto-updated if an Account is created Chart of Accounts. Please continue with use new Accounts from the Chart of Accounts master only.

While creating Account Head on Chart of Account ,sometimes its going to different head .we are unable to track the one created .

Will it because of the work load on the server ?

Please create new Account from Chart of Account master only. If issue still prevails, please demonstrate it by creating GIF and share here.

Please find the image while we are trying to create Accounts on Different heads ,but its comes on the same groups

What erpnext and frappe do you use? Are try open with Mozilla or chrome?

ERPNext: v7.1.21
Frappe Framework: v7.1.23

Tried on Mozilla & Chrome same effect

I have some problem like you before, but went I update my erpnext to latest update. I don’t have error again. Maybe you can try that.

Which version you are running

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Use erpnext. version 7.2.14, 7.2.26 and 7.2.29


upgraded to ERPNext: v7.2.8 ,still the error comes at times