Creating New Form

I want to create a Export Invoice for custom clearance. It should appear in Selling. I found only the ways to customise the existing forms. I want to know how can I create a new form (duplicate of sales invoice), name it as Export Invoice and classify it under Selling.

Thanks in advance.

I know how to customise the doctype/form but not how to create a new form. I want an export invoice. I tried to make the duplicate of sales invoice but not possible.
I’m getting the following error.

Alternatively, I tried to create a new doctype but it gives me an error message for field title. I don’t find any video or documentation for new doctype creation. Would be nice if somebody help me.


Please refer the link below for the help document to create a Doctype

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Arundhati.
I exactly followed it but I’m getting the following error.
I would be grateful if you let me know what kind of naming type to be followed.

@Vel, would the export invoice not just be another print format, so insured of creating a new doctype why not just use the exiting income with custom fields and create a export print format that you can use when u require the invoice for customs?