Creating New groups on Chart of Accounts

While Creating Accounts Name on Chart of Accounts ,it will go to different Accounts group eventhough if we add the below group .Then we have to expand all groups to find the newly created account .

Hi @helpdesk,

I am trying to replicate the issue on local account but not able to replicate it, can you please share the version of your applications and steps to replicate the issue

ERPNext: v7.1.21
Machine : Azure Basic A1 (1 Core, 1.75 GB memory)

we are facing this issue ,while creating an new account head on chart of accounts
Then we will move to chart of Accounts to create an child account ,sometimes it
will comes on exact parent Account rather than on any other parent account .
Sometimes it will created on some other accounts heads,so we will have to expand all
parent account to find the new one which is recently created .

Hello rohit

will it be due to low memory ?

Hi All,

Does anyone facing this problem ?