Creating new issues at support from email by condition


I setup incoming mail for Issue at support. All mails are scanning and creating new issues.

But I need to make new issues for the mails having subject begins with “New incident Task”.

How can I give such rule for mail scanning


Any body gone through same scenario?

I need to make create issues from email which is having Subject begins with New incident Task.

How can i make it?

Any body can help please !!?

Currently there is no ready feature available for this as there is usually a dedicated email ID for support like Optionally you would have to customize if you want to achieve something like this or try to create rules in your email account and move all other items to some other folder/ID and leave only support tickets in your mail box.

Okay Pawan.

Is there any option to scan mail from one folder other than inbox ?

Currently that option is unavailable but you could create a GitHub Issue for it.

Okay. I have two custom fields. Time in and Time out.
I need total time spend on site by the difference of both in another field.
Can you help me to obtain this.


Can you guide me in creating email account for incoming mail in support issue.

I have tried almost every thing but mails are not scanning and not creating new issues.

Thanks & Regards,
Vishakha Mishra

This documentation should help you to set this up -

Thanks for your reply.
But my problem is not regarding linking with the document.
My main problem is when i send any mail on support email account it is not creating any entry in issue doctype while it suppose to be create one new issue in issue doctype whenever i drop a mail on support email account.

I am struggling with email account setup as it giving me wrong credentials error while the password is correct.


This documentation explains how to setup email accounts -