Creating New Section Break

Is it possible to make a “Create new section” button or anything that would create a new section break with fields?

Hope you could help us with this.

@kelscey90 I dont think its possible programatically, but i am quite sure it is possible if you create the section break + the fields beforehand but “hide” them. Then have a button that “unhides” them when clicked.

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Can you explain the usage case you are trying to achieve?

This might help. How could I link the button to the section break to unhide them? Is it on the “Depends On” only or it’s on custom script?

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott We have a project list deliveries. So for example in a project we have 3 categories of deliveries like Materials, Physical Access, & CCTV. At first they will see only a create a new section button and name it according to its category. then under it is the field that is needed for that section.

Hope you got me.

Thank you.