Creating new site automatically

Is there an API for frappe bench to create a new site automatically and install erpnext. looking for ideas on how to implement this.

Your suggestions is highly appreciated.

This is the only thing I’m aware of:
Bench/Frappe/ERPNext installation

@cpurbaugh i deploy erpnext in multi tenant mode with a default site, so i need to create more site. is there a way to do this without going to my vps via ssh. maybe via a form with all the needed parameters.


I have no experience with multi-tenant mode, so I can’t help. Others should be able to though.

From the frappe-bench folder type

bench new-site site2

Then, it will ask you for your root MySQL Password, once you’ve typed it, the site will be created.

On my knowledge, there’s not a way to create a new site without SSH.

Hi, did you find anything that worked?

There is a bench app now which promised web based bench commands. I have not used it. Have you tried it? Cheers

I think it’s called “Bench Manager”, I’ll give it a try and give feedback.

if you are using certbot for SSL, I do not recommend.