Creating new tickets on Frappe Cloud is too cumbersome


When I click on the “Support & Docs” button (pic attached below), it doesn’t allow me to create new tickets.

It redirects to the below page, where it asks to sign-in to

And the frappe cloud credentials don't work here. So I have to create a new id for each site. (It does brings all the sites associated with the email that you have registered. So, if you use a different admin email for each site, then good luck registering each of your email ids.)

Also the option of classifying a ticket as high or low priority is missing, as was in the older system.

In short,
1)An email to FCloud users informing the changes about the support system would have been very helpful.
2)FCloud credentials should work here by default and all the sites autofetched, instead of manually adding and registering.
3)Categorization for priority of different issues.

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Hi @nasir,

Please login into the frappe cloud account and go to this link.

Try it. I think changed the policy on the frappe cloud side.

Thank You!

Hi @nasir, appreciate the feedback. We have recently made some changes to the portal in order to unify ERPNext as well as Frappe Cloud support internally. The team is working on making gradual changes to make the portal as stable and user-friendly as possible.

This is going to be a one-time activity and hopefully, in a few months, we will make this the default view once all the ongoing tickets in the older portal are closed.

In this case, if you have your own team, then you just need to register the team once. All the sites under that team should be visible. If you are just a user of a site, then you need to register the user once at least.

Noted, we shall add this soon.

To know more, you can read the docs: Help

If you still face any issues or have any suggestions to make the portal better, raise a ticket or reach out to us at